Rainbow Baby Blessing

Click here to read Part One: Fertility, Ovulation, Miscarriage, Oh my! God’s timing is everything. As you know from part one of my fertility journey, my husband and I experienced a miscarriage in July of 2020. After our miscarriage, we decided to take a break from TTC (trying to conceive) for about 6 months. DuringContinue reading “Rainbow Baby Blessing”

Fertility, Ovulation, miscarriage, OH my!

I know I am not the only woman in this world who has made some weird face or reaction when hearing one of these words or acronyms. The words fertility, ovulation, and the acronym TTC (Trying To Conceive) bring about an array of emotions, thoughts and expectations from person to person. Picture it! North Carolina.Continue reading “Fertility, Ovulation, miscarriage, OH my!”

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