I am an 80’s baby, educator, nurse, wife, only-child, naturalista with tons of love for a cute protective style, a lover of butterflies, and brussel sprouts!

Zoradel, 2020

Lifestyle blogging is therapeutic for me. I want to share what I love and spread the message of enjoying life in every season. I will be sharing my life lessons, travel adventures, my journey to motherhood, my ongoing wellness goals, and lifestyle changes.  I know it seems like a lot, but hey, I’m a multifaceted kind of butterfly.  I love butterflies, so you’ll see them every where!  Let’s transform, grow, and glow together!

Zoradel is a flip of the syllables in my first middle name, Delzora.  My full name is longer than the alphabet and filled with nicknames for every stage of my life. 


Butterflies have completed a unique transformation to become beautiful creatures. They represent inevitable changes, renewal, and discovery. Butterflies remind us that even the smallest presence of nature can make a lasting impact on another person, and that we all have the power to persevere through the changes of life with grace, and a splash of color.