Lifestyle blogging is therapeutic for me. I want to do more of what I love and spread the message of enjoying life in every stage. I will share my life lessons, travel adventures, tasty dishes, and my ongoing health & fitness journey.  I know it seems like a lot, but hey, I’m a multifaceted kind of lady.  I love butterflies, so you’ll see them every where!  Let’s transform, grow, and glow together!

Why I LOVE Butterflies:
– transform into unique, beautiful creatures
– represent inevitable changes, renewal, and discovery
– remind us that everyone can make a positive impact
– persevere through changes with grace
– make me smile and warm my heart

NC Licensed K-6 Educator
ECU Alumna, C/O ’09
Registered Nurse
PCC Alumna, C/O ’16
ICU/OR/LTC Nursing
Licensed Natural Hair Care Specialist

Professional Listener


Zoradel is a flip of the syllables in my first middle name, Delzora.  My full name is longer than the alphabet and filled with nicknames for every stage of my life. 

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