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Meet Zora

I am a educator, content creator, nurse, wife, and mom with a love of butterflies, travel, delicious food, and most importantly my family.

Zora Olurin

Lifestyle blogging is therapeutic for me. I want to share what I love and spread the message of enjoying life in every season. My lifestyle content includes life lessons, travel adventures, health & wellness, and all things family related.

As a Life Consultant, I assist my clients with assessing their life, help design attainable SMART goals, nurture and support their progress, and offer my structured Life Tea w/ Z weekly, biweekly, or monthly one-on-one sessions to facilitate individualized growth and development.

I Wear Many Hats!
  • Life Tea w/ Z Life Consultant, Zoradel LLC
  • Lifestyle Blogger & Content Creator
  • Registered Nurse (ICU, OR, Community Health, Traveler)