International Reggae Day- July 1st

“International Reggae Day is an annual event held in Kingston, Jamaica, and is dedicated to celebrating this style of music that entered into the world in a sleepy little island country in the Caribbean. It took some time, but Reggae eventually exploded to touch every corner of the world with its unusual and attractive, relaxed style (”

“Originally born out of Ska and rocksteady genres of music in the 1960s, Reggae quickly gained distinction with its unpolished sound and strong dependence on rhythm. It took a few years as a grassroots movement before it began expanding far beyond its little originating island. It became particularly popular in English-speaking nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia(”

I’m sure you all have at least one or two dope Reggae songs or artists that really set the vibe for you. Here are my top ten Reggae songs and artists that have the ability to get me jumping, mellow out, or make my body rock to the beat all night. Scroll, and explore, but most importantly, don’t let today go by without you riding the sounds of reggae to your very own happy place. Click here to check out my Youtube International Reggae Day Playlist. There are sooooo many more amazing Reggae artists out there. I’ve showcased just a few of my favorite below.

Tell me what your favorite reggae song is below in the comments. I want to check your vibes out too!

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