Vegas Wedding & Minimoon

In September of 2020, Rotimi and I planned a very simple inexpensive wedding ceremony in Las Vegas, NV. We didn’t invite any family or friends and we only told our close family and friends that we were going. Going to Vegas during a global pandemic was actually relaxing for me. I was used to Vegas jumping from the second you get off the plane. We came during a time when Vegas was at 50% occupancy and still had mask mandates, no shows playing, and some curfews still in place.

We got married at The Little Vegas Chapel around 11am on Sept 25th. We got dressed and caught an Uber from The Signature at MGM Grand. Our Uber driver didn’t say a single word to us and for a minute I thought we were going to be late after he made a wrong turn. During our last few moments before arriving at the chapel, I was listening so hard to any possible small voice telling me to run. There was nothing. I looked at my soon to be HusBae to try to read anything on his mind and he was as cool as a cucumber! I took a deep breath, and realized all this happiness was mine and I was the only one trying to sabotage it. I heard a small still voice say, “Enjoy love and never let it go.” That was it for me! It was clear from the start of the morning that the stars were in alignment for this special day. I got both my lashes on successfully on the first try. That was magical for me at the time! I walked down the isle, we exchanged vows, said I DO, kissed, and even got some marital advice from an officiant dressed up like Elvis.

After our wedding, we headed back to the hotel for some down time and then we explored the Vegas strip. We did a little gambling, shopping, watched the water show at the Bellagio.

The next day we took a Grand Canyon tour of Eagle Point. This was a perfect time to check this off our bucketlist. There were no large crowds to deal with and people were keeping their distance.

All in all, we had a wonderful time. We didn’t try to cram too many activities into our stay because we wanted to have some time to just relax and enjoy one another as husband and wife. We will plan other trips to Vegas in the future and be sure to include the Grand Canyon Floor Tour and a trip to the Hoover Dam. I would love to hear about your adventures in Vegas. Share some of your favorite places to go and your favorite activities to do while in Vegas below in the comments.

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      1. We are looking forward to going back to Vegas for our Anniversary, so I’ll add this location to the must see list.

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