The month of February can have me feeling down. Feb. 21st is the anniversary of my father’s death. This year marked 17 years since he passed. The weather in North Carolina was cold and rainy, and I was in desperate need of some sunny vitamin D to boost my mood. I hopped on a plane and spent a four day weekend in Downtown Miami.

There was a Whole foods right around the corner, which helped keep my on track with my meal prepping. I walked at least 5 miles throughout all of my walking adventures around the downtown, Bayside, and South Beach areas.

I checked out the Seaquarium and got soaked by Lolita, the oldest Killer Whale in human care. I guess you can say I asked for it, because I sat in the splash zone. I didn’t think I was going to be drenched from head to toe though! Good gracious!

All in all, Miami was everything I needed. I soaked up as much beautiful weather as I could and prepared myself for a few more weeks of Winter in North Carolina. I look forward to heading back to Miami for a longer stay later on this year.

I have to go to Barton G’s, Wynwood Walls, Biscayne Bay, the Miami Zoo, and hopefully hit up some live entertainment at South Beach or catch a Miami Heat NBA game at the American Airlines stadium.

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