So straight up, I gained 2.2 lbs this week.  I knew it was just a matter of time until the scale didn’t move like I wanted it to.  I must say that this time around, I was already celebrating my non-scale victories and didn’t let this bump in the road get to me.  Well, initially it did, but I quickly shook it off and celebrated my NSV(non-scale victories). My work scrubs, workout clothes, and under garments are looser,  I’m sprinting at higher speeds, lifting more lower body weight, and my drive and determination to stick to my healthy lifestyle is stronger than ever.  This week means a lot to me because in the past I would see results like this as my plan not working and I would give up on the process.  I would feel like what ever I was doing wasn’t good enough and binge or throw in the towel only to start the vicious cycle again.

I am also mindful that I am within my two week PMS window and some weight gain is possible.  I enjoy my nutrition, my intense workouts, and watching the transformation unfold before my eyes.  My advice to anyone who is seeking to lose weight, or improve their overall health, is to trust the process and stick to whatever works best for you.  Celebrate your victories on and off the scale.  Compliments, looser fitting clothing, feeling stronger, sleeping better, increased fitness performance, even the seat belt resting in a better place!

Celebrate it all!

So, moving forward, all I want to do is keep pushing for my mark.  I am trusting the process and sticking to my plan.  I will have my measurements taken again on Sept. 18th at Prime.  I decided not to keep up with my inches, because that would only be more numbers to think about.  I’m trying to turn around all the mistakes I’ve ever made when trying to lose weight in the past.  Obsessing over numbers was a biggie.  I’ll be back next week for another update.  Thanks for rocking out with me here and on IG and snapchat.  @Zoradel


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