Queen City Reunion

Life has a way of reminded us all just how precious the moments we have together are.  This weekend I traveled to Raleigh for a family reunion.  Family is what you make it, and all though I am not related by blood, loyalty, support, and love solidify our bond.  Reunion is defined as the act or process of being brought together again as a unified whole.

Trip Highlights


RDU Night Life- Cornerstone


Dinner at Kid Cashew Mediterranean Wood Fire Grill


EpiCentre Night Life


Morning Worship at Elevation Church

Brunch at Draught 

The Box Escape Room

Talk about a TEAM BUILDER! We completed our task and escaped safely with 24 seconds to spare!

Pool Side R&R and Movie Night

Being around so much life this weekend was renewing.  It was great spending time with outgoing people having fun, laughing, and creating memories that will last us all a lifetime.  We shared delicious meals, conversations, and received a RIGHT NOW WORD (a spiritual message that is applicable to your current situation) from Pastor Furtick.  We truly take care of one another and no matter how hectic life gets, we do our best to remain close.

As our reunion came to an end, I received notice that one of my family members was making her final transition in life.  Some reunions are planned and others happen due to life events, whether they’re good or tragic.  I was glad that I had some of my closest friends around for support, encouragement, and to keep the energy positive and uplifting.

It is my hope that you all take time out of your schedules for the people you love the most.  Feed the healthy relationships in your life.  Make sure you give people their flowers while they can smell them.  You don’t want to look back during your last moments of life and only have regrets and unsaid words to reflect on.

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Special thanks to the Askew/Akins/McPherson Family

As always, keep soaring Butterfly Kings & Queens!

Thank you all in advance for keeping my family in your thoughts and prayers during this chapter of life.

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