So, as week 11 comes to an end, I am celebrating every single non-scale victory, meal prepping, and going to the gym at least 3 times a week.  At the beginning of the week, I was faced with a weight loss hurdle that has been known to trip me up in the past.  Whenever I would start to see results, I would think that because I worked hard, I should be fine with an extra calorie snack or meal.  A little splurge, ya know! WRONG!!!!! My inner voice was louder than my previous hurdle this time, and shut that down quickly!  Now, I don’t see the need for a cheat meal.  It’s all about balance and sticking to what works best for ME!  Don’t reward yourself with food! You’re NOT a DOG!

Reward yourself with even better self care.

Reward yourself by pushing even harder and maintaining your fitness and nutrition plan.  Consistent dedication is the key to it all.  I am so proud of myself for pushing though my solodolo workouts, making sure my meals are healthy and tasty, and for not letting this be just another try, but a successful win.

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