It took all I had to get my workout in this AM! I just wasn’t feeling it and mean mugged all the way to the gym. Then it happened! I pressed play on my Body Bully Vol.1 playlist from Pita Grace and the rest is history. I killed my HIIT workout which included the following:

    Push Ups
    Incline Dumbbell Press
    Wall Sits
    Overhead Squats
    Kettlebell Squats
    Standing Shoulder Press
    Arm Dips
    Dumbbell Tempo Squats
    Reverse Leg Raises

8 Sets of each- 20 seconds on-15 seconds off

20 min warm up & 7 minutes cool down(both at 3.2mph on the treadmill)

Music is my accountability partner to the end!


Bossy by Star Cast feat. Keke Palmer was my post workout jam today!

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Keep soaring Butterflies!

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