Finished, Not Perfect

Do you let fear keep you from putting out content?  Are you afraid of what people may think?  Do you dedicate your time to a new project or idea, only to quit before it makes it to production?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place today.  We all know the end goal is to be a finisher, a doer, a completer, a personal success, but there is a fearful mindset that can block our greats visions.

Self assessment:
I am excited to create.
I go HAM on starting and focus on every single detail.
I feel like my work is not going to be good enough for release.
I tuck it away in my mind/desk/closet in a far away land where dreams go to die.
I am haunted by the thought of what my project could’ve been.
I battle with fear of picking it back up.

In this moment:
It feels so good to follow through!!
Perfection is an unrealistic goal for mankind!
Doing your best is as good as it gets for today!
When you do something often, nine times out of ten, you’ll get better!

Success is what you make it! Projects that you are passionate about should be completed and enjoyed! Don’t dim your light out of fear of shining too bright. Whether dim or blazing, fire is fire! Be who you are and do what you do best! 


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Keep soaring for new heights, and make the most of every moment, Butterfly Kings and Queens!


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One Reply to “Finished, Not Perfect”

  1. Great inspirational quotes on finishing a task. I myself have issues with this because I don’t think that something that I am working on will ever be perfect. I realize now that everything will not be perfect and thats okay.

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