IMG_9641So, is it just me or do you also find yourself reflecting on your weight loss habits? I went on a transition to become a Vegetarian around this time last year.  It took me 15 weeks to make it to a meat and dairy free life. I was all about taking my time to transition successfully. I felt amazing, lost body fat, toned up, slept better, and maintained a better mood throughout the day. Well, guess what?  I remained a Vegetarian for a whole 4 days!

Four days, can you believe that?

Fifteen weeks of developing healthier eating habits, practicing self control, disciplining myself to meal prep, and hitting all my weekly workouts, all for 4 days.

I was dating a mean grilling machine at the time and all it took was one delicious looking and smelling piece of meat to derail all my hard work.  I’d searched all the local grocery stores for Beyond Meat Meatless Burgers that particular day to cook along side his meat, but with no luck, I was left with corn on the cob and broccoli.  As soon as he wasn’t looking, my fork magically walked to his plate and picked up a juicy piece of marinated steak!

Thinking back, it wasn’t even all that tasty.  And I’m not just saying that because he later broke things off with me in an email.  You read that right, a freaking email. Who does that?

Later, the guilt of sacrificing all my hard work hit me to my core. I settled into a Pescatarian diet for a few weeks, but chicken and red meat made its way back on my plate.

Earlier this year, I traveled to an all inclusive resort in Punta Cana, DR and roamed the beautiful Turks and Caicos Island all in less than 30 days.  There was food and drinks everywhere at the resort that I just had to have since it was already paid for.  You know, that whole “I’ve gotta get my moneys worth mindset.”  And going to Turks was no different, I had to have the local food. ALL OF IT! I’m a foodie for crying out loud!

Now I know what you are saying to yourself.  You’re saying that I am making it seem like I was held at gunpoint to eat recklessly and post pics of all my treats.  Well, the impulses I felt, kind of felt like I was being held hostage.  It was an eat now, feel guilty later vicious cycle that only I could break.

I was still fitting in all of my two piece bathing suits, even with all the high carb meals I was pilling on.  Shoot, the water didn’t care about a single back roll, fupa, or my flabby bat arms.  I was still hitting my angles like Fabo and living “my best life.” You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t fly sitting on a jet ski for the first time.

There were plenty of folks admiring this full figured frame. Okay?

But in reality, I knew I’d let myself go too far. I’m snapping to Cardi B’s song Best Life, but not feeling like I’m really living my best life. Yes, I have more opportunities to travel but what’s the point if I’m not healthy enough to travel and enjoy it without praying the seat belt on the plane fits, or worrying about fitting on amusement park rides.  I want to go hiking with new friends without collapsing a lung, and be able to get on and off a jet ski without feeling like a beach whale. You should’ve seen it! The struggle was real! SPLASH! Belly Flop! No Pictures Please!

I have lost weight in the past, but never kept it off for long.  I’ve battled with weight like Luther and Oprah, but my wins are still proof that I can totally do this!

Week 7 Meal Prep

So for the last seven weeks, I have been getting back in to good lifestyle habits like working out 3-5 times a week, meal prepping, getting in 2-4 liters of water a day, doing morning meditation, and stress relief stretching.  I have not weighed in, taken any measurements, or set a list of goals this time around.  I have failed when it comes to weight loss more times than I can count, but each failure taught me a lesson.  Lessons that I am finally applying to my life.

My only goal is to be consistent.

Research says that it takes 21 days to create a habit, well they don’t know me very well.  I think I need to make it 21 weeks instead.  I’m shooting for 52 weeks of consistent wellness and acts of self love.  You can hashtag all day #selflove #lovingme #bestlife, but if your actions aren’t thinking about your self in 50 plus years, is it really self love?

I’m not professing perfection on this go around, but what I can promise you is I will not let all my previous failures be in vain, nor will I beat myself up for one misstep.

Trust the process.

Do you plan of transitioning back to a Vegetarian lifestyle?

Great question!

I plan on having some Vegetarian only days, but I don’t see myself going 100% Vegetarian at this point.  I will reassess in my own time.

Some of my past failures:

  • Focusing on the scale too much
  • Going to the extreme from day one
  • depending on an accountability partner
  • expecting over night results
  • comparing my journey to others
  • PMS/PMDD binge eating
  • not giving a healthy change time to show results
  • looking for quick fixes
  • allowing peoples opinions get to me
  • falling temptation to social eating
  • Eating high carb veggies
  • Rewarding my weight loss
  • loss with food

I hope this post reminds you that you are not alone, and that we all are on a journey to what we consider will make us happy.  The first step to reaching that place, is assessing where you are and how you feel now.

Really take the time to discover “your why.” Why do you want to lose weight, or save money, or start your own business?

Then plan/research the right way to achieve your goals and develop a REALISTIC timeline.

Next, implement your plan and remain consistent.

Lastly, evaluate your plan.  Is it working? Are there effective changes you can make for better results?  Listen to your body!

I tell ya, that ADPIE tool from nursing school can be applied to anything!

A-Assess D- Diagnosis P-Plan I-Implement E-Evaluate

Looking for some added inspiration? Follow me @zoradel and some of the people I look to for inspiration on IG!

@tameikag Beautiful inside and out and down 90lbs! All about wellness and self care! Click here to check out her site!

@lakeitha_duncan  lost 100 lbs!  click here to check out her site!

So if you made it this far in all my ramblings, you must be reflecting already on your own habits.  We are in this together! Please share something that has derailed you from achieving your goals in a particular area, and things you are trying or have completed that led to success.  I would love to hear from you!

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Keep soaring for new heights, and make the most of every moment, Butterfly Kings and Queens!


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