Girls Trip 2018: Houston, TX

We departed on an early AM flight on Thursday, which was very smooth. I actually slept on a plane! This NEVER happens. I’m the type of sleeper that needs earbuds, a pitch black room and just the right temperature, or to just be dog tired, to get to sleep. In this case I was dog tired. I was a bit under the weather earlier in the week due to my sinuses. I worked a 10 hour shift, got off at 9:30, and rushed home to shower and pack. I finished just in time for a whole 90 minute nap.

My close girlfriends are the closest things I will ever have to sisters. We all live demanding lives with advancing careers, personal relationships, and not as much time to just hangout like we used to. They say that’s a side effect of being an adult. However, we make it a point, that no matter what life brings, to take an annual girls trip. I know this sounds very familiar right? Yes, Girls Trip, the movie, was a great comedy that shed some real light on the importance of maintaining healthy relationships with friends you’ve grown to love and trust. We have maintained our tradition for 8 years. Sometimes there are a few extra ladies, but the CREW, the aunties to my future mini-me’s, will always be the same.

It’s not always about the destination, but the memories created along the journey that last and mean the most. Always find time for the people that matter the most and never stop exploring! -Z

This year we traveled to Houston, TX. We took advantage of a great Air B & B deal, snagged an Avis rental car, because everything in Houston is so spread out, and purchased the Official Houston City Pass. I love traveling with ladies that are also lifelong learners. My sister, Tiffany, is an elementary school teacher, and Jenny is a Laboratory Technologist, so every trip consists of my favorite travel elements:

Educational Exploration
Tasty Cuisine
Nightlife Entertainment

I was feeling like the unknown member from Destiny’s Child the whole time I was in H Town! Listen to FRIENDS BY THE CARTERS for the one song that sums up my trip vibes.

Length of stay: Thursday June 14th- Monday June 18th
Houston City Pass 

Houston Museum of Natural Science
Cockrell Butterfly Garden

NASA Space Center
Flight Simulation
Information of space travel and hope for the future
Tour of the training facility

We walked every square inch of the zoo and got to feed the giraffes

Kemah Boardwalk
Amusement Park Rides
Tejano Music
Grammy Award Winning Artist Jay Perez

Cafe Abuja, Houston Award Winning Nigerian Restaurant

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

Black Walnut

Belvedere Lounge Friday International Night


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I’m looking forward to our next trip already!
Jamaica April 2019

What locations have you and your close friends traveled to? What location was the best?

Keeping soaring Kings and Queens with Butterfly wings!


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